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Online Psychics Live offer psychic readings and tarot readings. Are you searching for answers? Do you need advice with a difficult situation? Are you looking for career, life or intimacy guidance? Has something strange happened and you want to know what it means? Are you scared about your future and what it may bring? Whether you live in Melbourne, Australia or worldwide, our psychics online are waiting to connect with you.

How Do Online Psychic Readings Work?

When you join a chat with our psychics online. The first thing to know is – you are in charge. Choose whether you’d like a face to face video reading, a phone reading or even an email reading. All our psychic advisors have undergone rigorous screening to ensure they really know their stuff. And we want you to have a great experience with our psychics online – if you don’t feel a connection in the first five minutes, just cancel, no questions asked and no fee!

Get Answers About the Past, Present or Future

We all get to that point in our lives where we question something. It may be a past family situation, it could be what we are doing in our lives right now, or even where we will be five years from now. These thoughts and questions can weigh heavy on our minds and cause emotional turmoil if not addressed. Our psychics online have the power to deeply connect with callers and guide them to the answers they crave.

How do psychic readings work? We don’t claim to be fortune tellers and will never say we can accurately predict your future. But, when you are on a call with us and open up about a situation, you are opening up your energy. Our psychics online have the ability to read this energy and are tuned in enough to give you accurate guidance and answers.

Talented Psychics Online 24 Hours a Day

Our psychics online have been chosen for their talent and reputation. They go through rigorous screening and testing before they join Online Psychics Live. We have a huge range of psychics for you to connect with in various geographical locations, ensuring you can connect and get answers 24 hours a day.

Trusted Psychic Readings in Australia and Worldwide

Online Psychics Live have been providing tarot readings and psychic readings for many years. We’ve built up a reputation as trusted and talented psychics online. If you’re feeling a little stuck or lost in life – we’re here to help you move forwards. We absolutely love what we do and our psychics will guide you, listen to you and give you answers.