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35 years Psychic & Healer
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Paolo offers several different types of Psychic Readings

  • Standard Reading (60min)

  • Healings (30min)
    Paolo is a certified Lightworker, Healing Master, Shaman, Spiritual worker and Animal healer...
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Watch Paolo's short introductory video to learn more about his psychic abilities and experiences helping people all over the world.

Tapping into 35 years experience, one of our most talented psychics, Paolo is a certified Lightworker, Healing Master, Shaman, Spiritual worker and Animal healer.

His many positive client reviews speak for themselves!

Paolo has 35 years of working in this field and has traveled extensively with his work and plans for further tours and venues in the future when the current world health situation is over. Paolo works through nature and planet earth and has a deep understanding of this area and carries it forward into his healing work. Paolo discovered his psychic gifts when he was a young child and also his healing gifts from the age of nine. I offer many types of insight readings here are a few that I truly have an affiliation towards.

Life Path Insight reading will look at your life in every way spiritually and in a very intuitive way. I will use the cards and Runestones but also will touch on all spiritual elements that I feel required to give me a unique portrayal of your life and its journey.

Tarot, Shaman, or indeed Moonology Cards will look directly at past present, and future elements in a very clear way to help you make the direct choices that you need.

Rune Readings are a great way to get an answer here and now for something that may be of a pressing issue and even a direct yes or no answer Paolo has been reading the Runes as a craft for many years and also uses Runes as a form of meditation for healings.

I am a very emphatic person and I take my life guidance seriously and will prove my best to give as much direction and understanding as possible Looking forward to meeting you on the life path - Love and Light

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