STELLAR Psychics

Our STELLAR Psychics are a special group of our most experienced and powerful psychics.

When giving a psychic a STELLAR rating we look for the following:

Have a minimum 10 years practising as a professional Psychic

  Great Reviews
Be able to show a long list of positive client reviews and testimonials

Psychic Community
They are known members of the psychic community and committed to helping others by sharing their amazing gifts with the world


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The Psychic Kat, a full time professional psychic who had her awakening over 35 years ago. She reads tarot cards and communicates with passed ones in the light. She believes strongly in the karmic universal law that if you do right, good things will come back to you.

As you can read from her many positive client reviews, she help her clients find hope and perspective in their lives.

If you are feeling lost or need some spiritual advice, she can help guide you, help you see why certain things have happened in your life and how to deal with it in a new light. She can help you move forward and avoid making the same mistakes again.


Splitting her time between Melbourne, Australia and her beloved Bali, Annick the Bali Oracle is one of our most unique and sought after Psychics.

She has a very special energy based gift that has her connecting with powerful ley lines, acting as both a conduit and psychic filter in her readings. 

She is well known for bringing clarity and purpose to her clients. Definitely well worth booking a reading if you are experiencing any feelings of uncertainty, doubt or confusion in your life.

From Annick, the Bali Oracle…

Are you at a point in your life where you feel lost, confused, unable to decide, or on auto pilot, feeling separated from those around you. This is the time for you to take that bold step, reaching out for guidance in any form to unravel the strings that bound you, limiting you from reaching your fullest potential. I am here, in service for the good of all.

As a conduit, information flows through me, and along with the use of tarot cards we can bring some clarity to empower you and align you with your intentions for the reading. This one step allows you to cause a ripple effect in your life.


As an a natural born clairvoyant, empath and intuitive Rebekah brings genuine insight to every reading. She has been giving psychic medium and tarot readings professionally for over 20 years. 

Many of my clients over the years, have described her as genuine, compassionate and respectful. She has a great capacity to read a situation or person. She’s able to predict upcoming changes or events and has been called a ‘love guru’ with her expertise in relationships being well known. As a spiritual medium she is able to connect and bring through messages from spirit, people’s guides, the angels and those that have passed over. 

“I love this important work. I have had three near death experiences so know what it is like on the other side. I firmly believe that these experiences have gifted me with a deep insight into life and clarity regarding death.”


Tapping into 35 years experience, one of our most talented psychics, Paolo is a certified Lightworker, Healing Master, Shaman, Spiritual worker and Animal healer.

His many positive client reviews speak for themselves!

Paolo has 35 years of working in this field and has traveled extensively with his work and plans for further tours and venues in the future when the current world health situation is over. Paolo works through nature and planet earth and has a deep understanding of this area and carries it forward into his healing work. Paolo discovered his psychic gifts when he was a young child and also his healing gifts from the age of nine. I offer many types of insight readings here are a few that I truly have an affiliation towards.

Watch Paolo's short introductory video to learn more about his psychic abilities and experiences helping people all over the world.