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The Bali Oracle

Known as the Bali Oracle, her Readings are given with genuine warmth and irreverent candour. Charming and very insightful, it’s not hard to see how she earned her title…

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Born on the island of Mauritius and having emigrated to Australia at the age of 5, I felt a calling to another tropical island 22 years later, that of Bali. I have lived in between Bali and Melbourne for the last 16 years, and refer to Bali as my internship to the realm of ‘divine spirit’. On this sacred land ‘spirit’ is alive energetically on every level, with local Balinese Hindu practicing daily their prayers, their ceremonies and acknowledging ancestors in every waking breath. You can’t but help be drawn into this vortex and if you’re an empath by birth, you are constantly activated and learning to align with this energy, either in a positive or negative way.

Being gifted is a deep inner journey, to self where one must face one’s light and shadows. For myself personally, I felt my gifts as a young teenager and I did all I could to distract myself from that inner awareness, shutting down that compass due to fear and confusion. But when your soul has a clear path, all that denying can not stop the universe working her magic to awaken you. When this happens, each layer is unraveled through a series of events which allows you to connect to more of your authentic self. With this un-peeling, unlearning this remembering, I started to connect more with ‘divine spirit’ and became a conduit, able to connect or communicate with a spiritual realm, metaphysical energy, or spiritual entity. That entity is that of ‘divine spirit’. The information is transmitted not only through words, but with energy that shrouds the words, the message and the delivery of that varies from one client to another.

I was informally given the name of ‘Bali Oracle’ from an Indonesian shaman. During ancient times, an oracle was a priest or priestess with whom you would seek advice or prophecy. It was said their information was a direct message from the gods and deities. They would provide wise and insightful counsel with prophetic predictions. An oracle remembers his or her true self through the frequency of the heart. When tuned into this universal heart frequency there is a remembrance of our true origins, that of Love.

As an oracle, I have been gifted with the ability to read beyond the physical form of people, assisting them to reconnect, realign with the wisdom and higher intelligence of the heart. I am grateful and blessed to have been bestowed these gifts, with a deep understanding that I am in service to spirit for the greater good of all.


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The Bali Oracle

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